Workforce issues and priorities

In today’s competitive world, every organization is required to do more with less, particularly where their workforce is concerned. SRA has extensive experience in this area and can help identify and address workforce issues. Our research can help you with all your workforce needs, including customer and employee satisfaction, employee retention, branding strategies, and needs assessments. We are also experienced in new product/service development and spending/funding priorities.

Our market research techniques will give you the information you need about employer, employee and workforce organizations to help with planning, improve customer service, assist in program development, and measure results.

We have partnered with state and regional workforce boards, as well as for profit and nonprofit organizations to address workforce issues. Through this work, we have developed a thorough understanding of the issues facing employers and workforce boards.

SRA has conducted a variety of projects which have contributed to improving workforce issues. Some of our market research regarding workforce issues includes:

  • Identifying the types of programs and services needed at workforce agencies
  • Providing insights to design employer policy
  • Evaluating program registration processes
  • Evaluating training programs
  • Branding workforce agencies
  • Evaluating communication tools
  • Helping understand employee issues
  • Addressing training barriers
  • Identifying competitive positions
  • Improving customer service and satisfaction

Clients use our market research about workforce issues to improve process and customer service. With the broad scope of issues of the workforce today, SRA has conducted research among many audiences, each of which brings a unique perspective to this work, including:

  • Workforce board leadership
  • Workforce board staff
  • Workforce board of director members
  • Community leaders
  • Industry leaders
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Job seekers

SRA has helped workforce boards, employers, and government agencies address some of the most critical issues being faced today. Some of our experience conducting market research includes:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Demand side index creation
  • Barrier and solution identification
  • Branding and corporate positioning
  • Training and professional development
  • Employee training evaluations
  • Program evaluations
  • Employee surveys
  • Brainstorming and goal setting
  • Mission statement development


SRA’s primary market research with employers, employees, and workforce boards and agencies delivers strategic insights and actionable recommendations to support business success. Our research has helped clients:

  • Create new brand positioning to communicate the mission of a company
  • Determine the impact of workforce board training efforts
  • Develop detailed plans for professionalism of training and assessment tools
  • Understand employee satisfaction and areas for corporate improvements
  • Re-design registration processes for training sign-up
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis

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