SRA Research Group Selected for St. Lucie County Needs Assessment

A coalition led by The United Way of St. Lucie County has selected SRA Research Group to conduct the 2012 needs assessment of the social, health, and public safety services for St. Lucie County.   SRA conducted the baseline assessment in 2007.

Barbara Allan, CEO of SRA, stated:  “So much has changed in the past five years, with more people out of work, and the housing market crashing, St. Lucie County residents’ needs are greater than ever.  This work will help us uncover where organizations need to focus resources in the county to achieve the greatest good.”

SRA Research Group is a market research company based in Jupiter, FL. SRA has over 25 years of experience conducting needs assessments for communities and organizations in a wide variety of areas.  Our experience helps uncover the dynamic and unique challenges faced in these difficult economic times. The SRA team has the expertise to provide actionable intelligence to help improve residents’ quality of life.

For more information, please contact:

Gail Fletcher

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