SRA opened its doors in 1985 and has built a solid reputation as a trusted solution-based consultancy that creates Strategies, Results and Achievement for clients. We are sought out by both for-profit and nonprofit organizations hungry to understand and create value for their clients, customers and constituents in order to maximize their competitive edge, capabilities and value through solution-based consulting.

The initial foundation of SRA almost three decades ago was to create and deliver insights and direction through market research. Client growth, plus their expanding reliance on SRA to help advance their value, coupled with our strong entrepreneurial culture, saw SRA transition into a solution-based consultancy using market research as just one of many supportive tools we employ.  SRA is a solution-based consultancy that helps clients:

  • Manage risk
  • Make sound decisions
  • Increase profits
  • Create organizational change that lets go of legacy or heritage traps
  • Build value, not just products
  • Thrive, not just survive
  • Deal with and make sense of overwhelming data
  • Build and rebuild relationships with customers/stakeholders