Safe Mobility for Life Coalition to Conduct Health Care Needs Assessment

July 2, 2014

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fdotSafe Mobility for Life Coalition to Conduct Health Care Needs Assessment
To Assist in Prevention and Early Recognition of Florida’s At-Risk Aging Drivers

TALLAHASSEE – As a next step in the plan to reduce the number of traffic injury and fatality crashes among Florida’s growing aging population, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has awarded SRA Research Group (SRA), a solution-based consultant, a research project “Assessment of Health Care Providers and Older Adult Service Organizations to assist in the Prevention and Early Recognition of Florida’s At-Risk Drivers.” SRA has worked with numerous state and county agencies in Florida and has extensive experience with leading health care networks in Florida and around the country. They are also recognized for their work with needs assessments in services for older adults as well as with adults age 50 and older.

This health care needs assessment will support the efforts of the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition (SMFLC), a multi-disciplinary group established by the FDOT to address the transportation safety and mobility needs of our aging population. The SMFLC developed and is actively implementing a comprehensive state-wide Aging Road User Strategic Safety Plan to reach their goal of reducing crashes by improving the safety, access, and mobility of Florida’s aging road users.

Prevention and Early Recognition is one of ten emphasis areas in the strategic safety plan. The assessment will help the Coalition determine baseline levels of community practice, knowledge, interest, and resource needs regarding Florida’s at-risk aging drivers among health care providers and older adult service organizations in all 67 counties.

Gail Holley, FDOT Safe Mobility for Life Program Manager said, “We are looking forward to working on this needs assessment with SRA. With their assistance our Coalition will be able to gain a better understanding of the current situation and develop appropriate materials to support the prevention of adverse driving events and recognition of Florida’s at-risk aging drivers.”

This research project will be completed in March 2015 and results will be used by the SMFLC to develop outreach and educational materials for health care professionals and service providers to assist aging at-risk drivers within their own communities. To learn more about the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition please visit,
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